Automobile Storage Facility

At East Warehouse, we have the capacity to store your vehicles safely. Storage for a vehicle, like a truck or car, for an extended period of time, requires a large storage unit. The security of these units is vital. We not only keep your vehicle safe from possible theft, we also keep it in an enclosed unit to protect it from severe weather conditions. To maintain the condition of your vehicle, we provide units in a variety of sizes depending on the measurements of your car or truck. Our garage style units also make access to your vehicle easy. 

You may own a classic car you need to store or are currently working on. Our storage units are the best option. We offer garage style units that will keep your classic car protected from the elements while you repair it. We know the exterior and interior can be irreplaceable. If you are going to put the time and effort into restoring it, it is worth having a garage unit to keep it protected from rust, theft, and possible damage from rodents. When you are ready to drive your car, it will be in the same condition you left it in. You will be able to get your classic car in the shape you want in less time because you will not have to perform constant upkeep due to exposure.  

Our indoor vehicle storage units are a much better alternative than storing your car in an outdoor, exposed area. Indoor storage provides the maximum level of protection for cars and trucks. Not only do they protect your car from the elements, it is much less likely to be vandalized because indoor units hide and protect what is inside. The security system within our facility also monitors every person that comes in and out of the storage units. Our master locks, provided for you on each unit, add an extra level of security for your vehicle. We are the best alternative to leaving your vehicles exposed or parked on the street.  

We are experts when it comes to knowing the best way to store your vehicles. When you bring your car or truck to our facility for storage, long term or short term, we can help you make sure it is properly prepared for the unit. These preparations ensure your vehicles will run properly when you are ready to retrieve it, or simply take it out for your weekend trip.

We have several tips to help you properly store your vehicle. Once you have reserved your unit, we are more than happy to help you upon arrival. Here are some things to consider that will keep your vehicle in the best condition: 

  • Check your oil and filter before leaving your car or truck. This will protect your engine from contaminants and make sure your vehicle runs properly. If you know you will need to change your oil in the near future, we suggest you do it before storing the vehicle in case you need to leave it with us longer than you originally planned. 
  • Check the level of your fluids. By topping off the fluids in your engine, your car will be less likely to suffer from corrosion and oxidation. This is an easy way to keep your car in working condition when you are ready to pick it up. 
  • Make sure your vehicle has been washed before you put it in storage. Our units are kept very clean at all times. By running your car or truck through the wash before storing it, you can be confident it will remain looking new and clean while it is in our facility. It is also important to remove any grease or grim from your vehicle so it does not sit and cause damage over an extended period of time. Since you are the only one allowed access to your unit while you are renting it, no one else will be able to check on this for you. 
  • Release your parking brake during storage. Our storage unit interiors have smooth and flat surfaces. We intentionally designed our vehicle units this way so that you do not have to engage your parking brake. When your parking pads are on for an extended period of time, the rotors in your vehicle run the risk of fusing. 
  • Disconnecting your battery is important. When your vehicle sits for an extended period of time without being driven, the batteries can drain even though the engine is off. You do not have to remove the entire battering completely, you simply need to make sure the cables are unplugged. 
  • Remove or reposition your windshield wipers. This is an easy fix and our staff is available to assist you with this minor but important detail. Removing or positioning your wipers so that they do not touch the windshield of your vehicle will keep any rubber residue off of your windows. Rubber residue can be difficult to remove. Taking this simple step will save a lot of headache when you come to get your vehicle. 
  • Check the air level in your tires before leaving your vehicle. Maintaining the pressure in your tires during storage will prevent the development of flat spots, or a completely flat tire, from sitting too long.

Our staff knows what it takes to store your cars and trucks and to keep them in the best condition possible. We are here to assist you when you bring in your vehicle. If you have any questions on storing your cars and trucks, or simply need assistance when you arrive, let us know! We have a full staff during regular business hours who are constantly monitoring the grounds to help our customers.

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