Self-Storage Facility

East Warehouse offers the best self-storage options for your specific needs. We know that it can be difficult to decide what type of unit you need and how much space your items will require. Our experts will help you decide on the best available space at the lowest price. We are here to make your self-storage options simple and affordable. We offer a safe, clean, and trustworthy facility to store your valuable personal items. 

Our self-storage facility provides the perfect space for your items, whether personal or business related. Spaces are typically rented on a month to month basis so to give you the flexibility you need. While some services only offer limited access to their building, we believe you should have full access to your personal property when you need it. By using our self-storage units, you have much more control in managing your belongings. You are free to pack your unit how you see fit and transfer belonging on and off the property at your convenience. 

We provide a safe and reliable facility for your storage needs. Our units are most commonly sought after for the following reasons:


When you are transitioning between living situations, timing can be difficult. It is important to have a reliable place to store your furniture and other valuables while you make the transition to a new home. We offer the perfect short-term solution, so that you can focus on you move without having to worry about the state of your belongings.


Many of our customers use our storage units to help create a fresh start when moving. Whether it be a new building for your business or a new home, self-storage gives you the opportunity to move in items at your own pace in the order you prefer. This gives you a chance to not only keep your items safe, it also allows for you to declutter and organize your items as you unpack.

Sudden Life Changes

There are a lot of situations that can come up at the last minute and take a toll on your personal life. If you are downsizing, taking care of a loved one's estate, or even separating households, we have the solution to make your transition as smooth as possible. We take the pressure of having to carry around your valuables when sudden life changes occur.


When you are taking on a home project, like adding an extension to your house, you may not have the space to store your belongings. Moving items like furniture or appliances to a temporary unit is a much better solution than living around these large items for the weeks or months it takes your renovation to be completed. Having them in one location is convenient and also keeps them free from possible damage when they are not stored correctly.

College Storage

When your children go off to college, they may not be able to take a lot of their personal items with them. Dorm rooms are a fraction of the size of a regular bedroom and keeping valuable personal items in these rooms may not be a good idea. Many students rent our storage units to keep their personal possessions safe while giving them access to larger items they cannot store elsewhere. Many students who study abroad appreciate the peace of mind of having their valuables kept safe while they are gone.

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Business Storage

If you own your own business and your office is becoming cluttered, we offer a safe and secure solution for all of your sensitive material. Paying another company to do this for you can be expensive. Having your own self-storage unit for your business ensures that you control who has access to your files and when. It is a reliable way to protect you and your employees information. You can store information long-term, or use a unit to keep files safe while you organize your office.

Storing a Vehicle

Vehicle Storage

Utah offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. We offer the perfect space to store large recreational vehicles that would otherwise take up too much space on your property, or suffer the effects of harsh weather during the off season. Our units can house you cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, or large vans. You can be assured that when it is time for your next weekend outing, your vehicle will be ready for you.


If you or a family member serves in the active military, you know relocation is a constant reality. We are the best option when it is time for a fast relocation. We give you the chance to get settled before you have to worry about unpacking your entire living situation. Our units also give you the flexibility to collect your items when you are ready for them. 

At East Warehouse, we have the perfect size storage unit for your specific needs. If you are new to self-storage and you are not sure how large of a unit you will need, we are here to help. Below is a list of the units we offer and an idea of what they are most typically used for.

Bedroom Size: 5' x 7' / 5' x 9' / 5' x 10'

These units are equipped to fit most small to midsize furnishings (like beds, dressers, night stands, and televisions), and a few additional storage boxes.

Room Size: 7' x 8' / 7' x 10' / 8' x 10'

Furnishings of a large bedroom or small family room, including a king-size bed, dresser, TV, and a few storage boxes. Or, two full bedrooms.

Garage Size: 10' x 10' / 10' x 15' / 10' x 17' 

These units can store the contents of an entire family room or two to three full bedrooms.

Warehouse Size: 10' x 20' / 10' x 25'

Our large units can store the contents of a five to seven bedroom house. This includes large items like couches, beds, kitchen appliances and entertainment centers. We also offer a 20'X20' unit that can fit a small car when you are unable to take all of your vehicles with you at one time. 

To get more details on what self-storage unit is best for you, call our staff today. We will guide you through the process to make your transition and storage experience as easy as possible. With a trustworthy company, reliable staff, and excellent prices, we are the best option for your next big move and all of your storage needs.