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East Warehouse Self Storage is family owned and operated with two convenient locations in Layton, Utah. We are a trusted Utah company and understand the importance of making our customers feel like family as well. We go above and beyond to give you the service you deserve and the access to your belongings when you need it.   There are several factors to consider when choosing the right storage facility for you, East Warehouse will meet and exceed all of your expectations.


We Answer Phones Late

We understand that your day may not always go as planned. That is why our staff is on call and willing to answer the phone even after hours. If you have no choice but to pick up or drop off your belongings after hours, if you misplace your key and are already on the property, or if you are having any issues getting through the gate, our team will meet you in person to help.

Customer Service

Our customer service is held to high standards. Every single person who works on site is qualified to assist and answer any questions you have regarding our facility. We take pride in offering the best experience to our customers. Our on-site manager, Lon, is frequently available and helps customers load and unload trailers on a daily basis. If you visit our facility, you are guaranteed to run into him. When you meet him, be sure to grab a FIIZ coupon from him before you go!

We Care About Cleanliness

When it comes to choosing a storage facility, the cleanliness of the location is a major factor. We take the appropriate measures to keep our facility clean at all times because we know cleanliness has a direct effect on your belongings. Our properties are sprayed for bugs every two months in order to eliminate pest problems before they have the chance to happen. We also sweep our streets every month for both appearance and safety. Our roads asphalt is also kept free of potholes throughout the year. When winter hits, we keep the inside of the facility clear of snow. Cleanliness is important to us because we want to offer the safest place to store your items and preserve them in the condition you left them in.

Happy to answer any question.

We Care About Safety and Security

Not only do we have the security measures to keep your belongings safe, we also want to make sure you are safe while on the property. We use a closed circuit system that is motion activated. Anyone going in or out of the facility is monitored. We also have a full staff during business hours for the safety of our customers. Each of our units has a master lock that we provide to you. These locks are heavy duty, professional grade locks. In addition to a private key for your unit, you will also be given a security code to open the main gate. Each person has their own code which must be used both when entering and exiting the facility.


Our storage facilities are in secure, but convenient locations. These are two important considerations when choosing your facility. Both of our locations are in safe areas that provide the best environment for the security measures we implement. Both of our buildings are located in Layton. One is off Hill Field Road and the other is off of Fairfield Road. Both buildings offer the same high quality customer service, cleanliness, security, and storage units. For details or questions about the two locations, contact our team today. Depending on where you live we can help choose the most convenient location for you.


Beautiful Location.

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A manager will happily talk you through our options and prices.

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We Care About Safety & Security.


We offer competitive and fair prices in an outstanding facility. We highly recommend that you visit any storage facilities you may be considering, but we can assure you that ours will far exceed your expectations. We will never try and sell you on more than you need, and we offer our units on a month to month basis. This gives you the flexibility you need without costing you more than you need to spend. We also offer a long term storage guarantee. We will not change your monthly fee for up to twelve months. That means you can depend on a set price for an entire year. Below is a list of our prices and sizing units. Each unit is named to give you a better idea of how much they can store.

"Room Size"

Unit SizePrice
5' x 7'$45
5' x 9'$50
5' x 10'$55

"Bedroom Size"

Unit SizePrice
7' x 8'$65
7' x 10'$75
8' x 10'$80

"Garage Size"

Unit SizePrice
10' x 10'$100
10' x 15'$115
10' x 17'$125

"Warehouse Size"

Unit SizePrice
10' x 20'$135
10' x 25'$175

For all unit sizes and prices
please read our full guide:

Unit Size & Price Guide