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Does being family-run matter? YES.

East Warehouse Self Storage is family owned and operated. This means we:

  • Answer the phone after hours

  • Meet you after hours

    Helpful if you lose your key, cannot get through the gate, etc.

  • Care about cleanliness

    Our properties are sprayed for bugs every two months.
    We sweep our streets every month.

  • Care about maintenance

    Our asphalt is free of potholes.
    We clear snow as soon as it is ready to clear.

  • Care about safety

    We are frequently on-site.
    We monitor closed-circuit surveillance cameras on our mobile phones when we are not on site.

Lon is our on-site manager. He is our youngest brother and he LOVES HIS JOB. You will frequently find him helping customers load and unload trailers, asking what he can do to help you, and just generally being a friendly guy to everyone.

He keeps a bunch of FIIZ coupons in his back pocket! Stop by and ask for one—he loves to hand them out!