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East Warehouse Self Storage is a family owned company with two convenient locations in Layton, Utah. Our storage facility can be used for many different reasons. It is especially beneficial for customers that are making a transition from one home to another. We understand that moving, whether a short distance or long distance, is not an easy task. Timing is a crucial factor when moving. When timing does not always go to plan, we are the perfect solution. Having all of your home belongings in one secure location gives you the chance to unpack at your own pace. Instead of having a moving truck deliver everything at once, you have total control over what you bring into your new home and when. This can relieve a lot of stress and make the process of moving and unpacking a much more pleasant experience. It is also a great opportunity to declutter because you can go through a small amount of your belongings at a time and decide what you want to keep as opposed to what you no longer need. There also may be items you encounter that you do not want to part with but do not want to store in your home. We are the best facility for you to do all of these things.  

We also come in handy when you are renovating your existing home, and simply do not want large appliances and furniture taking up space.  When renovating your living space, you are subject to a lack of privacy from contractors,crew members, and other workers. You may not always be present during certain renovation periods and therefore unable to monitor the security of your home. Having multiple people in and out of your home during the day, workers using equipment causing debris, and the possibility of your home’s belongings being exposed to the elements are all things that may cause you more stress than you need. By clearing out the furniture, appliances, and valuables from your home, you greatly reduce the risk of having to replace your property due to damage. It is also much more convenient to store your items than trying to move them to different rooms in your house that force you to live around them for an extended period of time. Renting one of our storage units while undergoing renovations is a convenient way to ensure your belongings stay safe and undamaged. They will remain easily accessible while also being secure. We offer flexible, month-to-month rental options that will not increase in price for up to a year. With affordable prices, an outstanding facility, and reliable customer service, you will have peace of mind during your home renovation period. 

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The best benefits of using our storage facility when moving or renovating:

It's Inexpensive

Moving and renovating are overall a short-term experience. Our rental units are very affordable and the best place to keep your belongings safe. Moving and renovating usually takes anywhere from a few days to a few months to complete. We understand that timing is not always predictable. That is why we offer affordable month-to-month rates so that you can focus on your home instead of worrying about where you can leave your belongings without causing them damage. Renting a storage unit is also much less expensive than having to replace an expensive appliance or run the risk of losing valuable possessions during a move.

It's Convenient

Having all of your belongings in one place is the most convenient way to keep track of them. Once you are ready to unpack your belongings, you can do so at your own pace. Since what you take in and out of your storage unit is your decision, you can take small amounts of your personal items after you have moved or after a renovation is complete. Our units are a great way to stay organized because your belongings are not spread out or in different locations. You are much less likely to lose items in the process, which will save you a lot of frustration. You also will not have to rely on others to store your property and stress about having to ask someone to keep your property safe for longer than you originally planned. More importantly, you will not have to work around someone else's schedule when you want to reclaim your belongings. Our facility is available to you when you need it and offers total security and privacy.

It's Secure

We offer a safe and secure location to store your property. Our security system monitors all activity on our property day and night. We also have staff available by phone after posted hours because we want our customers to have access to their belongings when they need it. Each of our customers has their own security code, master lock, and key. We provide a clean and safe facility that is heavily staffed during the day because we want to offer you the help you need when loading and unloading your items. Our goal is to give you the best experience and to maintain your property in the exact condition you left it.

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If you have a home renovation in the near future, we highly recommend you visit our facility and take advantage of our affordable storage units. We will keep your belongings safe, in one location, and take some of the stress away from dealing with a major home project. If you are planning on moving, our facility is the perfect place to store everything in your home. If you need to be out of your home earlier than you originally thought, or want time to get settled before unpacking major home items, we are your best option. Visit one of our two locations, or call our team members to answer any questions you may have regarding the process of obtaining a storage unit. Our team will walk you through what size storage unit you need based on your current situation. Once you visit your storage unit, you are free to downsize or upgrade your unit at any time.